My paintings and drawings of plastic packaging ruminate both on the void created by the concept of display and notions of human desire.

Mass produced at a capacity far beyond what recycling can tame, these forms are a model for representing the essence of a global culture; and consumerism without end. But while this is a concern, my interests and ideas reach beyond environmental issues.

I am interested in how these forms relate to the history of display, the history of art, and more specifically the history of painting. A painting being an object of desire, and created solely for display - one of the earliest objects to not only be crafted by hands and sold, but also documented and catalogued.

My process involves a mash-up of traditional oil painting techniques with printmaking strategies in an attempt to mesh the mechanical with the brushstrokes of human touch. The humanness of what I make is as important as the element of mechanization that is represented. 

Relationships, between mechanization and human beings, are crucial to the development of human behaviors, and ultimately the desires that drive them.

Michael Ryan